Tourd'Burg Ohio State Criterium Championship

July 17, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
RGF Solutions Cycling Team 
Pro 1-2 
Team Jeni's 
Cat 4 
Team COBC / National Engineering 
Cat 3 
  Jeremy Grimm: 1st, Pro 1-2
Jeremy Grimm
I had the best team of the day. With 7 to go the pressure went up and we had a little gap. Everyone must have quit at some time because I never looked back thinking the field was on us. With 4 to go and the front 2 racers were giving us more looks I looked back and we had a big gap that I knew we could hold if they countinued working. Worked out into our teams favor.
  Spencer Hackett: 8th, Cat 4
Spencer Hackett
Another screaming hot day in Ohio. Luckily I got plenty of sleep the night before. I drank a gallon of water on the way to the race and a few bottles during warm up. It was terribly fast from the start. There were a few guys who tried a move off the front and I chased them down. I sat second and third wheel most of the first couple laps. I was told to take a pull, but promptly replied that I did not have a teammate. He was pissed. I sat there until 2 to go where I tried to sneak around, thankfully Farmer was there to call my move. I got off the front, but as the field passed lapped riders there was a small pile up and the neutrailized the field. I sat up. Once we rolled across the start finish they announced there was 1 lap to go. . . an all out drag race. For some stupid read I pulled the entire lap. I took off out of the last corner, but couldn't hold my sprint. Came across in 8th. Super stoked. Great race, great course, awesome time. Still, there's this team that takes it way to seriously. . . you know em?
  Eric Peters: 16th, Cat 3
Eric Peters
Great course, finally feel like my legs are coming around. Felt good enough that I could ride the way I wanted to ride and my body was kind of up to it. Watching the 1-2's was sweet!!!