Iceman Cometh

November 5, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
Team Jeni's 
Women Open 
Team COBC / National Engineering 
Masters 30+ 
  Jen Peters: 8th, Women Open
Jen Peters
Love the terrain and environment of the Iceman ride each year. Somehow managed to post a time 2 minutes faster than last year...happiness. But maaaaan this race is getting a bit TOO big—with 4,700 riders this year!
  Eric Peters: 17th, Masters 30+
Eric Peters
17th, 2:07. What can I say, the weather was perfect, the trails were the fastest I've ever seen them in the 10 years I've been doing this event. The TC area got rain about two day before the event plus had a heavy frost that morning which firmed up the sand and made it super fast.
My tire choice was perfect for the conditions; Kenda Slant Six's stuck to the ground perfectly. The cornering was awesome! I could really push those tires through the corners and there wasn't even a hint of washing out, which has been a big problem in years past. It's a fast race, your charging hard into corners and if you wash out; you crash, you lose a wheel, you lose time, etc. Slant Six's are my tire from now on. Converting to tubeless here soon to take advantage of their design.
Regardless, I ran a slower time than I was used to frankly because I wasn't in good enough shape, though I didn't crash (which is important this year) and I had more fun than I used to.